I was standing in front of a plate from Charles Bargue’s Drawing Course - a folded leg, or rather the drawing of a cast after the antique, reproduced with all the precision geometry can provide a draughtsman with. 

From the model’s place I wondered which level of falsehood this leg occupied the platonist hierarchy: if each image of a body is untrue to a real body, and if each body is untrue to the idea of the body, the reproduction of a drawing of a cast of a sculpture of a body must be relegated to the very outskirts of Truth. Or this is, at least, what the model, placed in middle, conceived in her mind.

I had no wish to draw this leg, but to make a model study from my own perspective. This is how I started this series of ‘model-made supplements’. 

Model Study after Charles Bargue, two photographs, bound as a model-made supplement into Charles Bargue’s Drawing Course, 2019

Synchronic Model Study After Andrew Loomis, photograph, bound as a model-made supplement to Andrew Loomis’ Drawing the Head and Hands, 2020

Breathing One’s Own Volume, Studies In Motionlessness #1, 27 photographs and notes on paper, pasted as a model-made supplement to Eadward Muybridge’s The Human Figure in Motion, 2021